12 secrets to keep your money from the taxman

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Do you feel like you spend all your time working, just to end up paying
far too much over to the taxman at the end of the year?

If you do you’re not alone, but you can do something about it…

We’ve complied 12 of our best tax saving strategies into this free eBook for you.

Written by an accountant and free from technical jargon, these are simple strategies you can implement today to start saving right away.

In this FREE e-book you’ll learn about:

  • How to use a director’s bonus to boost your cash-flow.
  • How one simple patent can cut your tax bill in half.
  • Shift property income to your spouse and save up to 50% in tax.
  • The safe (and cheap) way to pay money to your spouse.
  • The missed opportunity of R&D: how you can benefit from a 225% credit on your tax bill.

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“Since downloading the eBook and receiving the follow up emails, I have been able to implement a number of tax saving ideas, that combined, have saved me a significant amount of tax.
I didn’t realise that there were such easy ways to reduce my tax bill.”


David Wood

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