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  Do you have to complete a tax return?

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Dealing with The Tax Man is always a somewhat jittery experience. Having an accountancy professional in your corner can make self-assessment a lot less daunting.

There are officially more than 4 ½ million self-employed workers in the UK as of last August, more than ever before. Whether you see this as a legacy of the long recession or a rebirth of the small business, it is definitely becoming more popular, with 15% of the workforce ‘being their own boss’. Indeed, there are many joys to being self-employed, but tax season is definitely not one of them.

In fact, more than 11 million Britons have to fill out a self-assessment every year. The good news is that this growing national chore has seen a rise in the number of accountancy professionals ready to sort your figures for you, and give you the data you need to fill in your forms quickly and easily.

The majority of these people certainly could do their own accountancy, but the fact is that it is generally more efficient (and certainly more reliable) to turn that part of the work over to a professional, and let them get on with what it is they left the office life behind for in the first place. (Of course, those who left to become self-employed in accountancy are excepted). But more important than the time (and therefore money) saved is the certainty that you are using the right figures the right way.

When asked why they use an accountant to sort out their tax figures, many people say the real reason is that they feel anxiety over turning in their own figures. What if they had made a mistake? What most of these people are really paying for is the certainty a professional accountant provides.

Thanks for reading, Paul