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Tax changes for dividends

How The Changes To Dividend Taxation in 2016 Will Affect You In the Budget, earlier this year, the Chancellor announced 3 proposed changes to Dividend Taxation to take place next year: Changes to the rates of dividend income tax The abolition of the dividend notional tax credit, and The introduction of a new Dividend Tax-Free […]

Benefits In Kind: What You Need To Report

So, by now you should have already filed your P11D for 2014/15, and if you’re like most of us, you felt some anxiety over what does and does not need to be reported as a benefit in kind these days. This guide will help you prepare for the 201/16 filing, and let you file without worry.

HMRC terms and conditions

What really happens when you don’t pretend to read the terms and conditions? We’ve all been there. ‘Click to confirm that you have read and understand the terms and conditions’, and a link to said terms, which would fill a small county’s phone book. Do we ever read them? Of course not. Who could? If […]

Could you be responsible if a contractor is injured on your premises?

Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens every day: Something has become broken. It could be a window, a leaky roof, or maybe the brickwork on your building just needs repointing. You hire a contractor to sort it, and one of the labourers is injured. Could your company or its directors be liable?

Is a limited company the way to go?

Are you putting your business (and yourself) at risk with a ‘casual’ attitude to business procedure? Many small businesses are registering themselves as limited liability companies in an effort to gain the protections that this way of doing business offers. Unfortunately, not all of them are making the fundamental changes in the way they do […]

Auto-enrolment Pensions and what happens if you fail to comply

What could happen to you and your business if you fail to comply with the new auto-enrolment regulations?
The Pensions Regulator has recently released a report that outlines what happens when a business owner or director is found to be non-compliant of the new pension auto-enrolment legislation. So, what could happen to you?

I’ve heard foreign investment may be drying up, but what does that actually mean for me and my business?

The ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) have noticed a sharp downturn in overall investment in UK businesses.

Do you have to complete a tax return?

Dealing with The Tax Man is always a somewhat jittery experience. Having an accountancy professional in your corner can make self-assessment a lot less daunting. There are officially more than 4 ½ million self-employed workers in the UK as of last August, more than ever before. Whether you see this as a legacy of the […]

Could the ’80/20’ system revolutionise your office productivity

If you are committed to being more efficient, you have to be open to seeing things in new ways, and actually acting on these realisations!

Mileage records – automate your accounts

If you find recording your mileage a headache (we all do) then this app is for you.